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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Silos

Here’s what funny. I thought this was a new band because I had never heard of them before and they are on a small label. They have an alt-country sound, which doesn’t get a lot of play on radio, at least not in Southern California. Imagine my surprise to find out the band has been around almost 20 years, and after listening to this album, I am curious to hear the rest of their collection.

The Silos are three guys with a good, simple, straightforward sound, but their music isn’t locked into the core of guitar, bass and drums. The music on the album is interesting because different songs have different needs so they use a number of different musicians. An organ here, a trumpet there, whatever it takes. Walter Salas-Humara is the lead singer and guitarist. His voice sounds a little like David Lowery from CVB/Cracker fame.

Salas-Humara is a good songwriter with a purpose. He wants you to know what’s important in life. He writes about love and family and enjoying the moments you have right now. Some songs are very direct in their lyrics while others are subtler like “Take A Hit,” a song about songwriting on the surface but deals with the work required in any relationship. What I also like about his songwriting is that it’s not bound by formal structure. “15 Days” doesn’t have a chorus, but it doesn’t need one.

But it’s not all sunshine and puppy dog tails. Salas-Humara writes about heartache as well. “When The Telephone Rings” is a touching song about New York and “Don’t Wanna Know” deals with the aftermath of a relationship when you and your former loved one still share friends.

The one problem I had with the album was supporting singer Amy Allison because she has annoying, high-pitched, baby voice. Luckily she only sings on two songs because I found her distracting even with Salas-Humara singing with her.

The hidden track presents an interesting idea that they obviously passed on. Since it’s such a short snippet and there’s plenty of room on the CD, it must not have worked too well.

The band’s web site is cool because aside from the usual band information and merchandise Walter provides background information to each song. Go check out the samples and if you like them go ahead and make a purchase. The website is at http://thesilos.net.