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Thursday, September 20, 2007

SCENE IT?: MOVIES 2nd Edition

Screenlife’s Scene It? combines aspects of Trivial Pursuit with the capabilities of a DVD technology to show video clips and feature an array of puzzles. In celebration of the fifth anniversary of its first release, Movies, a second edition of that first game has been created featuring all new clips and questions. The movies featured include 2006 releases. Not too much in the way of classics as it features many modern day films.

Familiar Scene It? categories appear. Sound Clips plays audio from movies. Pictograms presents movie titles in a rebus, Who Am I? offers clues about a person, Visual Puzzlers shows scenes from a movie. Spellbinders is like “Wheel of Fortune” with letters filling in the blanks. Sequentials asks you to put movies in date order. The toughest category was Distorted Reality. A still appears under a series of colored balls, but it’s nearly impossible to figure out until the obstruction is gone, and then there are only seconds left to answer.

The “My Play” questions in this edition seemed a little too easy for the most part. In a scene from Bourne Supremacy, Jason Bourne was tied up and getting smacked around whilst being interrogated. I was slightly nervous as I hadn’t seen any part of the trilogy. I paid attention to the visuals (What hand did the agent use to strike Bourne?), listened to the dialogue (what agency did he say he was from?), and sat in anticipation for the question, which was: Who plays Jason Bourne? I chuckled, and cries of “Unfair” and “Too Easy,” were heard around the table.

The tiebreakers were very challenging and I don’t remember them from the previous edition. They consisted of teams alternating answers to such tasks as “Name a Movie with ‘America’ or ‘American’ in the Title” or “Name Movies Jennifer Lopez Has Appeared In.” Whoever answers last wins.

Movies 2nd Edition continues the same level of quality that the Scene It? brand is known for. It’s a great addition to the game closet. I was surprised the age cut-off is 13. As media savvy as kids are today, I really think younger children who are regular watchers of movies and television can participate and have a good time, especially if on a team.

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