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Sunday, April 06, 2008


Based on the best-selling debut novel by Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner tells a powerful story, covering twenty-plus years, about one Afghani man who has struggled since childhood with the challenges life presents: family and friendship, failure and redemption, all while his country goes through great upheaval at the end of the twentieth century.

Amir is an author living in San Francisco in 2000 when he gets a call from family friend Rahim Khan that he is needed back in his homeland of Afghanistan. The story flashes back to Kabul, Afghanistan 1978 when Amir was a young boy living a comfortable life with his father Baba. His mother died during childbirth.

Hassan is Amir’s loyal friend and servant. His father Ali has served Baba and his family for 40 years. They are Hazara, a minority group to the more prevalent Pashtun. The boys are best of friends who love American movies and kite flying, a great pastime in Kabul. The activity is so competitive that fliers coat their strings so they can battle and cut another’s line. The losing kites drift off and become the property of whoever finds them. Hassan has a great ability to find downed kites.

One day, some bullies corner and brutally attack Hassan. Amir, out of sight and frozen with fear, can only watch in horror. Later, he is so riddled with guilt and embarrassment he lashes out on Hassan and treats him rudely, throwing things at him and even framing him for theft. Hassan remains loyal to Amir and accepts it all. Hassan’s father is shamed and they leave Baba’s home against Baba’s wishes.

The remainder of the review can be read at Blogcritics.

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