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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trade in Warner Bros HD DVDs for Blu-rays with Red2Blu Program

For those who picked the wrong side in the high-definition format war by going with HD DVD and see the red plastic cases that line their video library shelves as a disappointing reminder of the inherent pitfalls that accompany being an early adapter, Warner Brothers is offering some relief to those who double-dipped on the disc players.

Through the website Red2Blu.com, the studio is offering a new program that allows  United States residents to exchange up to 25 HD DVDs out of 128 listed titles for the Blu-ray counterparts. Most can be exchanged for $4.95 each plus shipping and handling, but the titles with multiple discs like Blade Runner - Complete Collector's Edition and television series season sets have a reasonably higher price.

After proceeding through the checkout process, the consumer will need to complete the transaction by mailing in the original HD DVD cover art intact to the processing center. For certain gift sets with different packaging, different instructions are provided.

A confirmation email is sent containing a PDF shipping label that includes a barcode to identify the order. This label either needs to be affixed to the envelope or placed in an envelope along with the cover art. Within four to five weeks the studio claims Blu-ray replacements should be received.

It's a win for everyone who wants to take part and make the switch, considering how much Blu-ray movies cost.  Hopefully other studios will follow Warner Brothers lead.

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